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Some Myths about Sree Parakkat Bhagavathy Temple

Myth 1
The almighty, Pallikkadi, parakkadi, kunnaikadi, and kodikkady named 4 goddesses together started from a place called Thiruvadi. The myth goes like, after a long journey, the godess Pallikkadi has settled down in a place called, Paruvassery in Kannabra, the goddess Kunnakkadi settled down in Thennilapuram, the goddess Kodikkadi has settled down in vadakkancheri. But the Goddess Parakkady, after resting in Chakyar kodoth, in kavassery, proceeded to a place where PARAYA community people have lived. Its been believed that the goddess Parakkady has went in to a home in that place, and told the people that, the goddess want to settle down there and the people should conduct poojas and festivals there. But the poor people replied to the goddess that, they were very poor people and they are not financially sound to conduct poojas and festivals. Its said that, by hearing that, The goddess gave a “Kuzhal” ( a musical instrument like trumpet) and few other musical instruments and asked them to think of the goddess and go, there by they will be able to get all the things what they required to conduct poojas and festivals. Then the goddess left the place after seeing the in-hygiene surroundings and settled down in the place where the existing temple situates.

Myth 2
Parakkat TempleIts been believed that, one day, when the Goddess was walking in the dense forest, one Manthravadi was coming along the way who was going for fishing. With the powerful RAKSHA which the manthravadi was wearing, he was able to concur the goddess and asked her to carry the fish carrier ( kooda) and walk with him. That manthravadi was believed to be Chathu ammaman of Kulangara house. One day, when the manthravadi was on his way to fishing, and lost his powerful raksha, Devi shown him the real power of her and killed Chathu ammaman, and cut in to 18.5 pieces and thrown in to different places. Those places has been asked to raise the flag post before 7 days of mamangam which is been held in that place. The goddess also ordered that, in response to the activity of chathu ammaman, the ladies of Kulangara family should carry the goddess’s vigraham, and should come to all the 18.5 flag posts. That’s called “OORVALAM”. That activity has become the right of Kulangara family. There are many such myths regarding this temple, but the main fact is that, the Goddess is so powerful and her blessings have always brought the disciples all the goodness and the good things they have asked for.


TempleIts believed that , In order to get Shaapa Moksha from the Goddess, the king of Palakkad, who has lived in Meledam, gave the paddy fields (of kalichira, moolichira, chembarahty ) and the near by areas in the name of the Godess Parakkady for the poojas and other activities. After some time, the king gave the administration to thiruvadi Kodanath Nair Tharavadu. Then after its been entrusted to mullakal village Pattali (Brahmin Family). When that administration ended, its been took over by the Government of kerala and put under the administration of Devasom board. Now the temple is been administered by the trustees and managers under the governance of Devasom board. In the olden days, the temple has almost 1000 acres of paddy field. When the land law implemented, all the paddy field is been lost to the common people. Now the daily activities is been carried on with the annuity amount received from the government of kerala, Devotees deposits, donation and Vazhipadu.

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